Tom at graduation

Tom Orland is an award-winning, world-traveled writer, producer, director and cameraman, with over 20 years of experience in the industry.

He studied film production at Southern Illinois University, and developed a love of documentaries and good causes from then student teacher Steve “Hoop Dreams” James.

Returning to Chicago, he then spent several years creating promotional films for the corporate market, freelancing for Fortune 700 companies such as Andersen Consulting, Ameritech, Baxter Health Care and CNA Insurance.

In addition, he worked on staff for Arthur Andersen and Marshall Field’s, where he cast and directed a then unknown Steve Carell in “A Tale of Two Fittings”, an instructional video demonstrating how to properly fit a man’s shirt. Tom takes full credit for Mr. Carell’s success.

Over the years he has written and directed many educational and marketing films for such prestigious schools as Roosevelt University and Loyola University of Chicago.

This led to the production of several high profile, award-winning fundraising videos for the Jesuits, which have included shoots in Kenya, India, Nepal, Peru and Italy.

He has also produced and directed several cultural awareness programs for both the Latino and Native American communities, and collaborated with the Smithsonian Institute on the video segment of the “Our Lives” exhibit at the National Museum of the American Indian.

Recently, he co-wrote and produced an episode of “Animal Witness”, a new series on the Animal Planet network, which has been broadcast to millions of homes across the country.

He has recently concluded work on four fundraising films for the Development Office of the Jesuits, which has involved return trips to India, Nepal and Peru.

Tom with son Matt